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        A BibTeX style for astronomical journals, for use with
                          BibTeX 0.99c.

This distribution contains the following files:

       astron.bst       The BibTeX style for Astronomical Journals
       astron.sty       The associated LaTeX style

       astdoc.tex       LaTeX source of the documentation
       astdoc.bib       + related files

       example.tex      LaTeX file with example citations
       example.bib      Example of a bibliographic database

       mnemonic.bib     Supporting files

       README           This file

To prepare the LaTeX documentation on the ASTRON bibliography style,
run LaTeX on ASTDOC.TEX. If you have copied all ASTDOC files and the
ASTRON style files onto your computer, you will need only one run to
get a DVI file with all cross references in place.

*** BUG REPORT ***

A major bug has been reported: the UUCP mail address in the
documentation and in the copyright header of the various files
should NOT read:
but it SHOULD read: