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September 3, 1992
updated November 12, 1995
updated October 2000 

This is a collection of BibTeX tools written (mostly) by David Kotz.
I provide them as-is.  Use them as you please. Some slight
modifications may be needed to pathnames embedded in the shell
scripts, to find the library files they need (sed, awk, and bst

The programs are: 

    aux2bib - given an .aux file, make a portable .bib file to go with
    it. This is useful when you need to ship a tex file elsewhere

    bibify - this can be used to eliminate one pass of LaTeX in many
    cases: (latex, bibtex, bibify, latex), instead of (latex, bibtex,
    latex, latex). Handy for large documents. Does not work with
    multiple aux files.

    bibkey - make a list of all entries that have the given keyword in
    their "keyword" field.

    cleantex - really a general tex script, this removes all the
    little files created by tex and latex as they run, leaving only
    the original files.

    looktex - makes a list of all entries that match a given regexp 

    makebib - makes an exportable .bib file from a given set of bib
    files and an optional list of citations. Handy for posting bib
    entries on the net! The portability comes from substituting
    @strings, and stripping "comment" fields if you like. Ignore the
    -d option.

    printbib - the most useful of all; this makes a dvi file from a
    .bib file for handy reference, sorted by cite key and including
    "keyword", "abstract", and "comment" fields. 

     bib2html - produce an browsable html version of the bibliography.
     There are lots of styles that do slightly different things. 
     See demo.html.

     citekeys - makes a list of all the cite keys (on the @ line)

See the shell scripts for more documentation.
Otherwise you're on your own. Good luck.

David Kotz