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This directory contains the xbibtex, bibsearch, and bibprocess
utilities for bibtex.

The xbibtex utility provides an X Window interface for inserting
entries into a bibliography database in bibtex format.  xbibtex
provides a template of the required and optional fields for each entry
type defined by \bibtex.  In addition, xbibtex  accommodates two
additional entries named ``keyword'' and ``annote'' for maintaining an
annotated bibliography.  The user enters the information to be stored
in the database; xbibtex  automatically inserts the entry in the
bibliography file in a format that conforms to bibtex's
specifications.  bibprocess allows one to merge the contents of
user-defined fields into a .bbl file produced by bibtex; bibsearch
allows one to retrieve the latex  key of publications that contain
user-specified keywords.

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