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These utilities re-arrange TeX DVI files, creating DVI files as output.

Dvibook rearranges pages so that the file can be printed as a booklet on a
duplex printer.

Dvitodvi rearranges pages according to a complex page specification. It can
be used to rearrange for booklet printing, extract odd or even pages, overlay
pages, and many other functions.

These programs require the Chris Torek's DVI library, which is included in
the SeeTeX distribution, available from a good archive near you.

AJCD 5/3/92

The relevant parts of the SeeTeX distribution are now included in the tar file
version of this distribution. The full SeeTeX distribution is still available
from, among other places. Coming soon; Dvisep,
a colour separator for DVI files.

AJCD 14/3/94