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dvitty is intended for previewing dvi-files on text-only devices
(terminals and lineprinters). The output is not very pretty many
times, but it still saves quite a lot of work, especially if you
have a little ways to walk to a laserprinter, for example.

The program was originally written in Hedrick-Pascal, running on
TOPS-20, and was later ported to UNIX (BSD, Berkeley-pascal).

It is not very smart in all situations, but still serves it pur-
pose fairly well.

For information on how to use see the man-page.

Before compiling and installing inspect the  "compile-time cust-
omization constants" and change them to suit your site.
These constants configure default pager and a little more.

Please report complaints, suggestions, bugs and/or fixes to:

Svante Lindahl, NADA, KTH            Numerical Analysis & Computer Science
UUCP: {seismo,mcvax}!enea!ttds!zap   Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
ARPA: enea!ttds!zap@seismo.CSS.GOV   EAN: zap@cs.kth.sunet

The TOPS-20 version of the program can also be obtained from the above

GOULD HACK ************************************************

compile into assembler and change the _exit__ into _exit_ etc.. to fix
the unresolved externals.  GCS was generious enough to make pascal
fit with FORTRAN and give up compatibility with the rest of the BSD
people in the world.