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[   ]AAA_readme.tex24-Sep-2001 12:54 4.9K 
[   ]BrushScriptX-Italic.afm23-Sep-2001 23:05 11K 
[   ]BrushScriptX-Italic.pfa23-Sep-2001 23:05 75K 
[TXT]Makefile24-Sep-2001 13:17 947  
[   ]config.pbsi23-Sep-2001 23:05 132  
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[TXT]kern.txt23-Sep-2001 23:05 2.3K 
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[   ]pbsi.sty24-Sep-2001 13:29 530  
[VID]pbsi.tfm24-Sep-2001 14:14 1.5K 
[VID]pbsi8r.tfm24-Sep-2001 14:14 1.7K 
[   ]pbsi8t.tfm24-Sep-2001 14:14 6.9K 
[   ]pbsi8t.vf24-Sep-2001 14:14 2.2K 
[   ]sample.tex23-Sep-2001 23:05 1.8K 
[   ]t1pbsi.fd24-Sep-2001 14:14 327  

This directory contains: a Type-1 font named BrushScriptX-Italic, that
simulates hand-written characters; all the files needed by LaTeX in
order to use that font; a file AAA_readme.tex that fully describes the
package; two example files.

The font itself and all the files are public domain.


- The original (public domain) NeXT screen font has been edited, with
  a Type-1 font editor named TypeSmith, on an Amiga computer.  The
  service files have been generated using the "fontinst" package by
  Alan Jeffrey.
- Having TypeSmith generated a buggy font, Louis Vosloo of Y&Y, with
  enormous courtesy, has fixed the font in his spare time (I no longer
  had an Amiga computer, or a font editor of any kind).
- Rolf Niepraschk submits a file pbsi.sty .
- A more strict dvips (5.86e) refuses to handle the font.  Rolf
  Niepraschk submits a fix, generated by the "type1fix" perl script.
- Having learnt about a free Type-1 font editor called 'pfaedit' by
  George Williams ( I have completely
  re-edited the font.  Thierry Bouche has been of invaluable help
  with fontinst.

Thanks to: Thierry Bouche <bouche@mozart.ujf-grenoble.Fr>
           Rolf Niepraschk <>
           Louis Vosloo <>
           George Williams