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	Tolkien Cirth font for TeX/LaTeX

	cirth.pdf	PDF file showing use
	cirth.tex	Latex file showing use
	num.tex		La/TeX macros for using fonts
	Changelog	Summary of changes between versions
	README		This file	Standard cirth font	Boldface cirth font	Slanted cirth font	Sans-serif cirth font	Macro file	Letter definition file		Ligature table file

Windows users:
	Find out from your local guru what settings to use for
running Metafont and where to install the fonts. On my PC for my
HP laserjet printer I use
	mf &plain \mode=hplaser; mag=1; input cirth
	For the other fonts just substitute cirbf (say) for cirth. For
more information on its use see cirth.tex.

Linux users:
	As root, install these files in a new directory
	($TEXMF is usually set to /usr/local/share/texmf or
	Next, execute 'mktexlsr'. Make sure the $TEXMF directory is
	listed in the output.

	Test the font as a normal user by copying both .tex files to
	a directory, and execute 'latex cirth'.
	To test DVI configuration use xdvi or dvips.

Version 2.0 is Copyright 2004 by
	Martin Habets
Version 1.0 is Copyright 1992 by
	Jo Grant