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This file is public domain.
Originally written 1990, Alan Hoenig.
This notice added by Clea F. Rees 2010/12/13 following correspondence between
Alan Hoenig and Karl Berry, who also suggested adding the included reference to
<> and renaming duerer.readme to
README. File list and references amended accordingly.

This directory contains the "Computer Duerer" fonts designed by Alan Hoenig (see
the 1990 TUG Conference Proceedings for a full background on this or Alan
Hoenig's article at <> for further
details). The version here is for use as titling only and consists of the
uppercase letters A-Z.
README                    This file                  Computer Duerer Boldface                  Computer Duerer "Informal" (modeled in
                              part, after Stone Informal) This
                              font does not generate properly at
                              resolutions under ~400dpi.                  Computer Duerer Roman                 Computer Duerer Slanted                 Computer Duerer Sans Serif                 Computer Duerer Typewriter Type                Low level MF files for the Computer                Duerer fonts