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This is the fge font, a font of special symbols for setting Frege's 
Grundgesetze der Arithmetik and the secondary literature.

See the file fge-doc.pdf for information on how to access to these 
symbols from LaTeX.

The original font is written in Metafont and mftrace is used to
create PostScript Type 1 (pfb) files.

This package contains several characters derived largely from
the Computer Modern fonts, (c) D.E. Knuth.  The spritus lenis
accent is a simplified version of that in the Ibycus font 
(c) Pierre A. MacKay. The remainder of this work is Copyright 
(c) J.J. Green 2007, 2015 and subject to the LaTeX Project Public

Further information on the font can be found at

J.J. Green 2015