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   Iching.tex is a latex program to print out divinations
from the I Ching.

   The counter \hexagram has a value in the range 1 - 64,
and is used to select a call to the macro \interpret.

   \interpret takes 9 arguments:

1)   Transliteration of the chinese name of the hexagram,
2)   English translation of the chinese name,
3)   Interpretation of the hexagram according to King Wen,
4-9) Interpretation of the 6 change lines, according to
	Tan, Duke of Chou.

   The \interpret macro given is based on the simplified
Pa Ch'ien method, where special significance is accorded
only to one line in the hexagram, selected via the counter
\changeline. The more complex systems, involving moving
lines and alternate hexagrams, etc, could be simulated by
replacing \interpret with a more complex version.

   The package uses the font iching60, a metafont source
for which is in In order to find the appropriate
characters from this font, two further counters are used,
hexachar (which is set to 64 + \hexagram) and clchar
(200 + \changeline).


   Alan M Stanier, Computing Service, Essex Univerity