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This small package provides a math package that amounts to modifications of the STIX sans serif Roman and Greek letters with most symbols taken from newtxmath which must of course be installed (version 1.5 or higher) and its map file enabled. The best use of this package is for making slides for projection at reasonably good resolution. The four font files in this package are in pfb format, licensed under the SIL OFL, version 1.1. All other LaTeX support files are subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See
for the details of that license. 

Current version: 1.05

Changes in version 1.05
1. Brought newtxsf into conformance with newtxmath 1.5. New options upint (for an upright integral) smallerops (for smaller large operators). 
2. Corrected an error which was leading to incomplete horizontal extendible delimiters.

Changes in version 1.04
Changes to definitions of \widehat and \widetilde in newtxmath.sty so they bahave as expected in nested accents.

Changes in version 1.03
1. Small corrections to accent positions.
2. Changed newtxsf.sty to add definitions of \nabla, \nablaup, \varkappa, \varkappaup, and to change most Greek letters to \mathalpha, where appropriate.
3. The smallest size of parentheses now comes from the text font.

Changes in version 1.02
1. Corrected definitions of \textsquare and \openbox in newtxsf.sty. (Thanks, Jean-Fran├žois Burnol.)

Changes in version 1.01
Changed AMSa and AMSb to their replacements in newtx 1.43. This should not affect output, but may make more efficient use of math families.

Please send comments and bug reports or suggestions for improvement to

msharpe at ucsd dot edu