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Nimbus Core 2015 Font Package (Nimbus15)

This package is intended to provide a set of basic Latin (OT1, T1 and TS1), Greek (LGR) and Cyrillic (OT2, T2A minus eight secondary characters, lesser support for T2B, T2C) based on the Nimbus Core 2015 released by Artifex in October 2015. That core contains the URW++ clones of Courier, Helvetica and Times, licensed under the GNU AGPL (with font exemption) described in the files LICENSE and COPYING that accompany the font files.  Note this license is not compatible with the GPL font licenses.  

The individual fonts in this package, with prefixes zco (Courier, 3 weights), zhv (Helvetica, 2 weights) and ztm (Times, 2 weights), are provided in both otf and pfb format, and of necessity are issued under the same AGPL license with font exception. The font named  zcoN-Regular is a narrow version of zco-Regular, and is much better suited to rendering code than the latter.

The package also contains (La)TeX support files that are Copyright (c) by Michael Sharpe, released under the LaTeX Project Public License. See
for the details of that license.
The support files for Latin characters are quite meager compared to those in other Times text packages (no small caps, no old-style figures, no proportional figures), and it is recommended to use these fonts only as a supplement providing Greek and Cyrillic. See the documentation for examples.

Current version 1.0 20160108

Michael Sharpe