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                The Old Turkic System 
		Version 1.1
		(c) Abdugafur A. Rakhimov

The author used METAFONT to write in the Old Turkic script or Gokturk script or Orkhon script or Orkhon-Yenisey script. 
It can be used only as free fonts. 

See the PDF user guide

Among the things which you should know: 
+ it is necessary to copy  .gf, .pk, .tfm files in the folders:
   Or they can be copied in the catalogue (directory) in which you work

+ .gf, .pk, .tfm (ps, dvi) files you can to create, also, using  .mf file 

+ to write the text in old Turkic language you should use a command \font (it is direct in the text).

Further we plan to write a orkhun-package which will allow to work more conveniently with these fonts and will expand possibilities use of fonts.