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	       LaTeX Support for Adobe Caslon Open Face
			     Version 1.0a

Caslon Open Face font was desgined by Barnhart Brothers and Spindler
in 1915.  It was initially colled College Oldstyle and based on Le
Moreau de Jeune from G. Peignot foundry.  Its realtion to the
classical Caslon font family is rather distant.  Nevertheless it is a
nice titling and display font.

Adobe sells OTF version of this font, but other versions, including
Type 1 are still available from other vendors, including  Note that there are many ``free'' variants of
this font available for downloading on various sites; I chose not to
use them because of unclear license status.

While modern engines like XeTeX and LuaTeX can use system fonts
directly, the installation base of the other systems is huge, so it
might be worthwile to release support files.

The name pcarl follows the standard Fontname scheme for Adobe Caslon
Open Face.

This package was commssioned by Annals of Mathematics,


   Version 1.0a
       Documentation cleanup