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This package contains outline (type1) versions of the mathabx fonts.

The mathabx fonts were created by Anthony Phan and can be downloaded

The outline version of these fonts as provided by this package
have been created by Kohsaku HOTTA,

The files provided in this package are licensed under LPPL, that is
the following files:
map/  pfb/matha9.pfb		  pfb/mathb8.pfb    pfb/mathx5.pfb
pfb/matha10.pfb  pfb/mathastrotest10.pfb  pfb/mathb9.pfb    pfb/mathx6.pfb
pfb/matha12.pfb  pfb/mathb10.pfb	  pfb/mathc10.pfb   pfb/mathx7.pfb
pfb/matha5.pfb	 pfb/mathb12.pfb	  pfb/mathu10.pfb   pfb/mathx8.pfb
pfb/matha6.pfb	 pfb/mathb5.pfb		  pfb/mathux10.pfb  pfb/mathx9.pfb
pfb/matha7.pfb	 pfb/mathb6.pfb		  pfb/mathx10.pfb
pfb/matha8.pfb	 pfb/mathb7.pfb		  pfb/mathx12.pfb

- put the pfb files into a texmf tree where drivers (dvips, pdftex, ...) 
  can find them, e.g., under fonts/type1/public/mathabx-type1/
- put the map file into a texmf tree where drivers (dvips, pdftex, ...)
  can find it, e.g., under fonts/map/dvips/mathabx-type1/
- run mktexlsr (at least for that tree)
- add the map file by calling updmap-sys or updmap with the arguments
      --enable MixedMap
After that the type1 versions should be available and automatically
be used.