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	LaTeX Support For ITC New Baskerville Font From Adobe

			Version 1.0c 2008/03/20

This package provides metric files and LaTeX support for ITC New
Baskerville font from Adobe.  It has everything you need to typeset in
this font - except the font itself, of course.  


First, you need to purchase the fonts themselves: the pfb files are
not included in the package.  If you got the fonts from No Starch
Press, do not rename the pfb files.  However, if there are uppercase
letters in your file names, downcase them.  If you obtained the fonts
from another source, rename the files according to the documentation

If your TeX system is TDS-compliant, install the files into
$TEXMF/fonts/type1/adobe/nbaskerv. Then download and
unzip the file in $TEXMF.  Add to the configuration files of
dvips, pdftex and your dvi previewer.
Run updmap and texhash programs to update the configuration files and
file names database.

The included style nbaskerv.sty makes New Baskerville your default
Roman family.


The files were generated using fontinst 1.927.  

Boris Veytsman,