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Copyright 2007, 2010 TeX Users Group.
You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file (README).

This lucidabr package provides LaTeX support for the Lucida fonts.

The related lucida package, at, provides basic TeX
support files, such as tfm and map files.

The lucidabr and lucida packages on CTAN are free, but the Lucida fonts
are not: you must order them from TUG or another source to actually
typeset anything in Lucida.  The TUG Lucida web pages explain the
details -- see

For installation instructions, after ordering the fonts from TUG, see the
README.TUG file.  (You'll get the same info in email after ordering.)
The "zip file" referred to in README.TUG is the combination of

If you have questions or problems regarding installation or use, please
email; this is an open list for Lucida discussion, and
you can subscribe via  Questions or
problems related to ordering or licensing should go to

The lucidabr package is looking for an active maintainer to improve the
documentation, add some requested features, and generally maintain the
distribution.  If you are interested, please email.