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Fonts-TLWG is a collection of Thai scalable fonts available under free
licenses.  Its goal is to provide fonts that conform to existing standards
and recommendations, so that it can be a reference implementation.

So, the fonts have been modified from their original versions as needed,
according to following references:
  - Recommendation for Thai font design, from the National Font Project
  - Adobe Glyph naming convention
  - Microsoft Typography
  - Common practice for Thai Windows fonts

The tool used in this project is FontForge (
So, you need it in generating actual fonts. Automatic scripts for building
fonts with Makefile's are also provided, so that usual steps still apply:
  $ ./configure [options]
  $ make
  # make install
You can choose target font formats to generate by applying --enable-*
options to the configure script. (Only TrueType is generated by default.)
And for each format, you can specify install directory using --with-*dir=
configure options. Please try `./configure --help' for the full list
of all available options.

For more information, please visit:

Thai Linux Working Group (TLWG)