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VPL Utilities			Angus Duggan		25th September 1993

This directory contains the first in a suite of tools to manipulate TeX
property list and virtual property list files. More tools may be added as the
need arises :-) These tools are copyright (C) Angus Duggan 1993, but may be
re-distributed freely and used for any purpose (including distribution as part
of a for-profit product) provided that:

1) The original attribution of the programs is clearly displayed in the product
   and/or documentation, even if the programs are modified and/or renamed as
   part of the product.

2) The original source code of the programs is provided free of charge (except
   for reasonable distribution costs). For a definition of reasonable
   distribution costs, see the Gnu General Public License or Larry Wall's
   Artistic License (provided with the Perl 4 kit). The GPL and Artistic
   License in NO WAY affect this license; they are merely used as examples of
   the spirit in which it is intended.

3) These programs are provided "as-is". No warranty or guarantee of their
   fitness for any particular task is provided. Use of these programs is
   completely at your own risk.

The package contains:

	makevpl		Merges PL and VPL files, creating a VPL file.
	spacevpl	Alters the spacing in a PL or VPL file.

FILES	Perl package for expanding and searching paths	Perl package for parsing PL and VPL files	Perl package for parsing encoding vectors
	encodings/*	Encoding vectors for various TeX and other encodings.

macros in the Makefile, and "make install".

	None that I know of :-)