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readme for the xq-package, version 0.4


the xq.sty, is made for writing about chinese chess. Unfortunately, it has become a real 
monster, but i did not find a better way to get what i wanted - which is probably due to the fact, that 
i never wrote something like this before - so dont mind me my rather "simple" solution.

xq is under the LaTeX project public license

The package contains 18 files:

the style file                                           - xq.sty

basefont                                                 -
font file for "normal" sized boards                      -  
font file for "large" sized boards                       -  
basefont for western pieces                              -
font file for "normal" sized boards with western pieces  -  
font file for "large" sized boards with western pieces   -  
basefont for additional signs                            -  
font file for "normal" sized addsigns                    -
font file for "large" sized addsigns                     -
hint file needed by xqbase, xqwestbase and xqaddsigns    -

an example file demonstarting bugs of 0.3 fixed by 0.4   - bugs-0-3.tex
that documented rendered against version 0.3             - bugs-0-3.pdf
a Makefile used to produces PDF files and         - Makefile
an example file demonstrating the abilities of the style - xqexample.tex
the example file in pdf format for taking a quick look   - xqexample.pdf

a change log for changes after the release of 0.3        - ChangeLog
and finally this readme file                             - README 

On my local tree it works with the files copied to the following places:



If problems occur, that the fonts are not loadable, put everything in one folder with the input file and
run latex. That produces the .tfm files. Then copy these to:



Some things in the input file are rather uncomfortable. Hopefully i will improve the style by the time,
but this requires more knowledge of the materia than i have now.

There are small gaps between pieces and boardlines in the diagrams, this is due to the font. You can avoid
this by putting the unit length for the picture in the style file a little smaller. However, i found it 
looks better like it is now.

The boards are sometimes set a bit unclean on a pdf output file. I solved the problem by producing a pdf 
via dvi and ps. After that procedure i always had a clean output in acroread.

I hope everything works like it should, if not, please let me know...

Stephan Weinhold, 09/2006

Changes from 0.3 to 0.4 by
* Wolfgang Reher <>
* Sebastian Pipping <>