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LaTeX package  "bardiag"

Allows to draw bar diagrams using LaTeX.
Based on PSTricks.

Style files: bardiag.sty and pstfp.sty.
             File contains some additional definitions 
             and is loaded from bardiag.sty
	     Also (optional) bardiag.cfg is included. This is a config
	     file loaded at the end of the bardiag.sty.

"Manual"   : doc/, doc/, doc/
             (compiled from bardiag.tex, bardiag1.tex, bardiag2.tex
              and figs in the "doc/figs" dir)

Examples   : doc/example

Read for more info.

All needed .ps file are included.
To compile the docs yourself, on a *nix system, use smth like:

 latex bardiag
 makeindex bardiag
 latex bardiag
 latex bardiag
 dvips bardiag.dvi

 latex bardiagX
 latex bardiagX
 dvips bardiagX.dvi 

where X=1,2.

More or less the same commands should do the job under DOS/Windows and MacOS.

The package has been tested under teTeX TeX distribution, but should work
with any other TeX system.