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Including Mac PostScript files in a (La)TeX document.  You need to
have Psfig installed to use this package!!!  This package contains the
following files:

README				; this file
cleanps.c			; C program to cleanup the Mac PS file			; Neutered LaserPrep Version 71 file			; Mac System 7.0 PS file			; Mac System 7.0 PS file (the apple "clover")
mactotex.tex			; LaTeX documentation			; man page documentation

What you need in addition to this package:
package:				most liekly place to find it:



1) Compile cleanps:

	cc -o cleanps cleanps.c

2) Move cleanps to some standard bin directory (i.e. /usr/local/bin)
3) Move the file to the same place you have the other lprep files
   (see the Psfig documentation).
4) Move the man page to where-ever you keep man pages 
5) "LaTeX," print, and read the documentation (latex mactotex, etc): 
   Note:  This documentation is a test
   of the psfig procedures, so if it doesn't LaTeX and print correctly, 
   something is wrong with your installation.