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m3D package

Last modification: december 14, 2005


The m3D package is an extension to plain MetaPost designed
for 3 dimensional graphics. 


Standard LaTeX licence even if I also like the
``Feel-free-to-send-me-a-postcard'' one.

Brief description of the files

*  mpinputs: MetaPost input files.
   o (the very core of m3D, reading
      it is better than read any manual)
   o (a small library where one cand find
      some common mathematical objects)
   o  One may add here new libraries.

*  manual: a draft for a manual.
   o  m3Dmanual.pdf (to be read directly)
   o  (to be read directly)
   o  m3Dmanual.tex (the text [plain-TeX]),
   o  (illustrations, this helps also to understand
      how to use m3D),
   o  m3Dmanmac.tex (personal plain-TeX format)

*  trials: various things using m3D. Try them.

*  gallery: a small gallery of still or animated images.

Suggested TDS location for the contents of mpinputs:

Suggested TDS location for other files:

Brief commentary: Happy MetaPosting.

Anthony Phan.