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The files in the archive include the following supported
macros and files for LaTeX2e

        tikzposter.dtx            latex-class file in doc option format
        tikzposter.pdf            documentation in pdf format 
        tikzposter.ins            driver for installing the package
	README			  this file

Run Run `latex tikzposter.ins' to generate the class file. This needs the `docstrip' utility. Along with the class, several tex files are generated. Then run `latex poster.dtx' to generate the documentation if `tikzposter.pdf' is not present:
    	tikzposter.cls 		      	    class file
	tikzposterBackgroundstyles.tex      background styles
	tikzposterBlockstyles.tex	    styles for drawing blocks
	tikzposterColorpalettes.tex	    palettes of colors
	tikzposterColorstyles.tex	    rules for where colors are used
	tikzposterInnerblockstyles.tex	    styles for theorem-like objects
	tikzposterLayoutthemes.tex	    rules for which styles are used on a given poster
	tikzposterNotestyles.tex	    styles for note objects
	tikzposterTitlestyles.tex	    styles for the title matter
	tikzposter-template.tex		    barebones template for a poster
	tikzposter-example.tex		    extended example showing formatting options

Written by Pascal Richter, Elena Botoeva, Richard Barnard, and Dirk Surmann. 
This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
See for the details of that license.