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With pst-bar, one may use pstricks to produce bar charts directly from a data
file. This package is still in the beta stage --- the usual caveats pertaining
to beta software apply. Additional features and improved (in both content and
layout) documentation will be provided as the code stabilizes.


pst-bar consists of three files: pst-bar.sty, pst-bar.tex, and
Place the first two anywhere your installation can find them (typically
$LOCALTEXMF/tex/latex/pst-bar for pst-bar.sty and
$LOCALTEXMF/tex/generic/pst-bar for pst-bar.tex). Place where dvips
can find it, typically in the pstricks subdirectory of your dvips directory
(i.e., $LOCALTEXMF/dvips/pstricks).


See or pst-bar-doc.pdf for details on using pst-bar.