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pst-sigsys package  2011/07/03 v1.4
This package is a collection of useful macros for disciplines related to signal processing.
It defines macros for plotting a sequence of numbers, drawing the pole-zero diagram of a
system, shading the region of convergence, creating an adder or a multiplier node, placing
a framed node at a given coordinate, creating an up-sampler or a down-sampler node,
drawing the block diagram of a system, drawing adaptive systems, sequentially connecting
a list of nodes, and connecting a list of nodes to one node using any node-connecting
macro. The author welcomes all comments for further improvements of this package and
suggestions for adding new macros or features.

Copyright (C) 2011, by Farshid Delgosha <>

CTAN: graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-sigsys

 * README               - this file
 * Changes              - change log
 * pst-sigsys.sty       - the package wrapper
 * pst-sigsys.tex       - the package main file
 * pst-sigsys-doc.tex   - the LaTeX file of the package documentation
 * pst-sigsys-doc.pdf   - the pdf file of the package documentation
 * pst-sigsys-doc.bib   - the documentation bibliography

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