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TpX is a lightweight, easy-to-use graphical editor for Windows
platform for creation of drawings and inclusion them into LaTeX files
in publication-ready form. It can also be used as a stand-alone editor
for vector graphics.

The output is a file (with extension .TpX) containing the drawing as
LaTeX code or as an \includegraphics link to an external file created
by the program. User can choose between several output formats.
TpX saves its own data in TeX file comments so that the drawing could
be loaded into TpX and edited again. This internal TpX format is based
on XML and could be understood and edited easily.

TpX can import EMF/WMF pictures created by other Windows
applications, including many applications producing scientific graphs.
It also can import simple SVG pictures. In most cases the result is
nice, though sometimes imported picture needs some manual editing. So
TpX can be used as a EMF-to-any and SVG-to-any converter.


Distributed under GNU Public License