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Maths commands and environments

The package offers a group of amsmath-like environments:

  • Equation, which is the standard equation environment, with an optional argument for a label name;
  • Multiline, which is broadly similar to the amsmath multline environment, creating a pleasing layout for equations that run over several lines;
  • System, for grouping a set of equations together within a left brace, with only one equation number; and
  • EqSystem, similar to System, except that each equation has its own number.
All the environments have ‘*’ forms, which don't generate equation numbers. The package also works on the standard maths environments.

The package is part of the bosisio bundle.

The author is Francesco Bosisio. The package is Copyright © 1997-2010 F. Bosisio.

License: lppl Version: 2.5 Catalogued: 2015-08-03