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A two-element sans-serif font

Iwona is a two-element sans-serif typeface. It was created as an alternative version of the Kurier typeface, which was designed in 1975 for a diploma in typeface design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Roman Tomaszewski.

This distribution contains a significantly extended set of characters covering the following modern alphabets: latin (including Vietnamese), Cyrillic and Greek as well as a number of additional symbols (including mathematical symbols). The fonts are prepared in Type 1 and OpenType formats. For use with TeX the following encoding files have been prepared: T1 (ec), T2 (abc), and OT2—Cyrillic, T5 (Vietnamese), OT4, QX, texansi and nonstandard (IL2 for the Czech fonts), as well as supporting macros and files defining fonts for LaTeX.

The author is Janusz Marian Nowacki. The package is Copyright © 1998-2010 Janusz M. Nowacki.

License: gfsl Version: 0.995b Catalogued: 2015-08-03