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Jörg's LaTeX Mode - an advanced LaTeX mode for Jed

JLM is an advanced LaTeX mode for the Jed editor. Its aim is to help the user by taking over annoying and stupid things that need to be done, like adding \usepackage when you add a command or environment from this package, or placing dollar signs around mathematical commands and move the cursor to an appropriate point.

JLM does not think for you. If you want a tabular but insert an itemize, JLM doesn't prevent this. So, you should be familiar with LaTeX and know what environments and commands are, and where to place them in a document; JLM is there to help writing them.

See also latex4jed.

The author is Jörg Sommer. The package is Copyright © 2003 Guido Gonzato, © 2003-2007 Jörg Sommer.

License: gpl Version: 188 Catalogued: 2015-08-03