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Documentation: Free_Math_Font_Survey for Vietnamese
Author: Stephen Hartke, lastname at gmail dot com
Translator: Thai Phu Khanh Hoa, h2vnteam at

This is a Vietnamese translation of the Free Math Font Survey by Stephen
Hartke. From the original README:

| This document is a survey of the free math fonts that are available
| for use with TeX and LaTeX.  Examples are provided for each font,
| links to where to obtain the font, and the commands for loading the
| associated LaTeX package.
| "Free" here means fonts that are free to use (both commercially and
| non-commercially) and free to distribute, but not necessarily free to
| modify. I also am biased towards listing fonts that have outline
| versions in PostScript Type 1 format suitable for embedding in
| Postscript PS or Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
| The survey is available both as a PDF file and as a webpage.

The Vietnamese version of the survey is available as PDF and LaTeX source only
-- no web version is made. The main purpose of this translation is to show that
(almost) all the font packages mentioned in the survey now support vietnamese
too. In order to compile the survey you need the latest version of vntex
(please refer to for further details).

In case you have any questions, please send them to hanthethanh at gmail dot com