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These are some of the books and tutorials that form part of the
"Dickimaw LaTeX Series". Only the A4 PDF is included here. Other
formats, such as HTML or a screen optimized PDF, are available from

License: GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL)


 * dickimaw-novices.pdf
   "LaTeX for Complete Novices"
   Home page:
   Also available as a paperback, ISBN 978-1-909440-00-5

   An introductory guide to LaTeX.

 * dickimaw-thesis.pdf
   "Using LaTeX to Write a PhD Thesis"
   Home page:
   Also available as a paperback, ISBN 978-1-909440-02-9

   A follow-on from "LaTeX for Complete Novices" geared towards
   students who want to use LaTeX to write their PhD thesis.

 * dickimaw-minexample.pdf
   "Creating a LaTeX minimal example"
   Home page:

   Describes how to create a minimal example, which can be used as
   a debugging aid when you encounter errors in your LaTeX documents.

The document source files required to generate the above PDFs are in
the src subdirectory.  The full book sources, including the code to
generate the HTML and screen PDF versions that aren't provided in this
distribution, are available from the book home pages.

The paperbacks can be order through most booksellers or from the
Dickimaw Books Store ( TUG and
UK TUG members are eligible for a 25% discount on the LaTeX books
from the Dickimaw Store.