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    webguide is a "Brief Guide to LaTeX Tools for Web Publishing". 
For a much more detailed guide see: Michel Goossens and Sebastian Rahtz 
(with Eitan Gurari, Ross Moore, and Robert Sutor), "The LaTeX Web
Companion --- Integrating TeX, HTML, and XML", Addison Wesley, 1999,
(ISBN 0-201-43311-7). As an example of capabilities webguide includes a 
LaTeX source file together with PostScript, PDF, and HTML versions all 
generated automatically from the single source.

    You should find the following files:
o README (this file)
o webguide.tex   --- Source file
o expeg.6        --- MetaPost generated EPS file
o expeg6.mps     --- copy of expeg.6
o    --- PostScript version of webguide.tex generated by latex 
                     and dvips
o webguide.pdf   --- PDF version of webguide.tex generated by pdflatex
o webguide.html  --- HTML version of webguide.tex generated by TeX4ht
o webguide.css   --- file generated by TeX4ht
o webguide0x.gif --- file generated by TeX4ht

Peter Wilson
February 2000