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package name: otf or japanese-otf

This is the file readme.en.txt written by Norbert Preining for the
upload to CTAN.

This package is originally named "otf", but for the sake of not
choosing to general names on CTAN (and in TeX Live) it will be
called "japanese-otf". This change has been discussed with
the author of the package, Saito Shuzaburo. The version of
the package used is v1.7b6 2013/11/17

In addition a patch by Hironori Kitagawa was applied
(included) to build tfm/vf/ofm for gteb font series.

The map file in TeXLive-maps/ was generated from the
provided font maps.

The original source has been downloaded from

This package provides advanced typesetting options for platex and 

After downloading the script makeotf has been run and the generated
vf/tfm/ofm files have been included in the upload to CTAN.

The contents of this package is under the license given in the 
COPYRIGHT file, which is more or less BSD license.

Norbert Preining