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Oriya-TeX v.99                                             27 January 2003

Copyright (C) 1996-2003 Jeroen Hellingman & Anshuman Pandey

This work may be freely used and distributed in the spirit of the LaTeX 
Project Public License (LPPL) and the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Getting started:

1. Copy all files to the appropriate directories in your TEXMF tree, eg.
   place the TFM files where TeX and your DVI driver can find them; place 
   the MF files in a place where Metafont can find them. Ensure that your 
   TeX installation is configured to automatically generate missing fonts.

2. Remember to refresh the TeX filename database.

3. A Win32 executable of the preprocessor is included in this distribution.
   Please compile oriya.c to produce the appropriate binary executable for
   your operating system.

4. View for further instructions.

NOTE: Oriya-TeX is a work-in-progress!

Anshuman Pandey