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Files in this directory (language/polish):
[This file public domain.]
Polish version of Computer Concrete fonts, ver. 1.02.
The original Metafont sources CTAN://fonts/concrete/ and
are needed.
MeX is an adaptation of PLAIN TeX and LaTeX209 formats to the
Polish language and to the Polish printing customs. It contains
a complete set of METAFONT sources of Polish fonts, hyphenation
rules for the Polish language and sources of formats.
See mexinfo.eng for detailed informations.
Short description and changes in the distribution, see czytaj.mex (in Polish)
or readme.mex (in English).

Polish hyphenation patterns version 3.0a.
contains Metafont source files for Polish fonts: `PL' fonts, an extension
of Computer Modern fonts (CM), i.e., characters 0--127 are identical in PL
and CM, while Polish characters and Polish and French quotation marks are
placed in higher ASCII positions. Positions of Polish characters are the
same as in so-called `Cork encoding' or `EC encoding'.
It also contains pl.mft, a format for a neat typesetting of the METAFONT
sources of PL fonts (needs standard mftmac.tex from any
CTAN/macros/generic/plain/base/ ).
contains TFM files for Polish `PL' fonts - see above.

This directory contains PL fonts in PostScript T1 format.
Use the same tfm files as for .pk fonts generated by METAFONT.
PLaTeX provides tools to typeset documents in Polish using LaTeX2e.
It can use Polish fonts from MeX distribution (so-called PL fonts),
EC fonts, it can be usefull even one has only CM fonts.
See readme.txt included in NOW OBSOLETE.
code pages translations for making Polish formats for sbTeX
(Sullivan&Breitenlohner port for MSDOS). NOW OBSOLETE.
various documentations in Polish in html format, e.g., for beginers,
descriptions of many LaTeX packages, etc., etc.

please send all comments concerning this distribution to:
Staszek Wawrykiewicz
email: staw at gust dot org dot pl