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These files help the user to typeset texts in spanish according to mexican 
current practices with the babel system. 

The files `spanishmx.ldf' and `spanishmx.sty' effectively merge an old 
(and short-lived) mexican.ldf with the spanish.ldf file, allowing the user 
to typeset spanish texts in a mexican style on a document by document basis, 
either for LaTeX documents or for plain.tex files; the `esmx.cfg' 
distributed here sets the mexican style as default for all documents 
on a given TeX installation. To make it work you should create a 
spanish.cfg file somewhere in your texmf tree directory with the 
following line 

\input esmx.cfg

To prevent havoc on your system, I recommend you to install the files 
on some branch of your personal $HOME or `documents and settings' 
(depending on your system) texmf tree, and rebuild the filename 
directories ('texhash' or 'initexmf -u', depending on your system).

As all features implemented depend entirely on spanish.ldf, you *must* 
read the documentation for spanish.ldf if you want to customize the layout 
further. A little documentation on what does each file do is included only 
as comments within the source code.

These files are neither related to nor supported by the Spanish Users' 
Group CervanTeX.

Good luck, happy TeXing, and Viva Mexico!

Luis Rivera