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The \textsf{Spanglish} ``dialect'' is in fact a compromise between the use of the 
Spanish language in writing and the default \LaTeX\ layout, 
designed by and for US-Americans. 
You may see it as a form of Spanish with a lot of English code switching
---or viceversa. 
There are no mathematical features enabled, and there is  
(probably less than) minimal Spanish language support for text, 
activating Spanish hyphenation, captions, date, frenchspacing, 
indentfirst, symbolic footnotes, uppercase roman numerals, 
and a few shorthands. 
All other typographic decisions are left to other macro packages 
according to user's taste (or lack thereof).

There is a conscious effort to make this ``language'' upwards compatible with 
the ``standard'' spanish language definition, so the shorthands implemented here 
are but a very narrow subset of the standard Spanish language: 
those strictly necessary to handle Spanish hyphenation properly, 
and a few extras to straighten the text a little in a Spanish layout. 
So, in a sense, this ``language'' is a very stripped down or ultra-sloppy 
version of the ``standard'' spanish.ldf, mostly as a fallback in case something
goes very awry with it.

Questions, comments? Drop me an email at jlrn77 at gmail dot com

December 28, 2010.