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       |                'arrayjob'; 'arrayjobx'                    |
       |                  Versions 1.03; 1.04                      |
       |               May 3, 2000; May 3, 2010                    |
       |                                                           |
       |  Zhuhan Jiang (University of Western Sydney - Australia)  |
       |              <>                      |

The 'arrayjob(x)' package provides array data structures in (La)TeX, in the
meaning of the classical procedural programming languages like Fortran, Ada or
C, and macros to manipulate them. Arrays can be mono or bi-dimensional.

This is useful for applications which require high level programming
techniques, like algorithmic graphics programmed in the TeX language.

The accompanying documentation files (arrayjob.tex, arrayjobx.tex ) were
written by Denis Girou <> and updated by Michael Sharpe

Version 1.03 (arrayjob) is provided only for compatibility with old work that
made explicit use of the \array macro. Version 1.04 (arrayjobx, modification
suggested by Michael Sharpe) should be used for all new work---the only
difference is that the macro known as \array in version 1.03 is known under
the name \arrayx in version 1.04 in order to avoid conflict with the name
\array as used in amsmath.

This package is released under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License.