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Files: fntproof.tex, fntproof-doc.tex fntproof-doc.pdf


  The file fntproof.tex is essentiallly Knuth's testfont.tex, modified
  to make all tests noninteractive (no prompting for data).


  All files are public domain.


  You can input fntproof in a file, and then use the commands in that
  file, or you can type the commands on the command line. By default,
  the first "word" after the fntproof.tex has been read in is taken to
  be the TFM name of a font to test. Use \noinit to delay the reading of
  the font name.


  Command line:
    tex fntproof cmti10 <commands>
    tex fntproof \noinit Normal text. \init cmti10 <commands>

  In a file:
    \input fntproof cmr10 <commands>
    \input fntproof \noinit Normal text. \init cmti10 <commands>

  <commands> include \table, \text, \sample which produce, respectively,
    - a table of characters in the font,
    - some text using the font, and
    - both of the above.

  All commands available in testfont.tex are included (in noninteractive

  See fntproof-doc.pdf for complete documentation. It may be regenerated
  by running pdflatex (twice) on fntproof-doc.tex.

Daniel Luecking
luecking AT-SIGN uark DOT edu