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This is the README file for the lpform package.

Author:	Marijn Waltman
E-mail:	marijnwaltman AT hotmail DOT com
Date: 	July 14, 2014

The lpform package is designed for easily writing linear programming formulations one restriction at a time. With this package, one can easily label equations, formulations can span multiple pages and several elements of the layout (such as spacing, texts and equation tags) are also customizable. Besides linear programming formulations, this package can also be used to display any series of aligned equations with easy labeling/referencing and other customization options.

Included files:
lpform-doc.pdf - The package documentation.
lpform-doc.tex - The package documentation source file.
lpform.sty     - The style file for use in LaTeX.

This package requires the xifthen package.

This package is licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License.