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TeX-EWD is a set of plain TeX macros that helps typesetting formulas,
calculational proofs, and programs written in Dijkstra's style. See
for the `dot notation', i.e., the style for formulas and proofs, and the book
  Dijkstra, "A Discipline of Programming", Prentice Hall, 1976
for the `guarded commands language'.

The file dotnot.tex contains the (generic) macros and hints how to
use them, the files t1.tex and p0.tex demonstrate their usage.

The macros where testet using TeX-GPC.

This software is licensed to you under the terms of a BSD-style license,
see bsdlic.txt for details.

Wolfgang Helbig                    
Stauferst. 22           
71334 Waiblingen                                            November 2008