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This is the README file for the YaX package.
Author: Paul Isambert.
E-mail: zappathustra AT free DOT fr
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Date: January 2011.

The package is a format-independent key system,
with some peculiarities.
It is format-independent and based on texapi
(and thus requires e-TeX at least).
Relevant information can be found in yax-doc.pdf

Files in this distributions:

yax.tex     => The bulk of the code.
t-yax.tex   => A wrapper file for ConTeXt.
yax.sty     => A wrapper file for LaTeX.
yax-doc.tex => The source of the documentation.
yax-doc.pdf => The typeset documentation.

To process the documentation source, you need the 
piTeX files (available on CTAN) on top of plain TeX
with LuaTeX at least v.0.6... except the current version
of PiTeX on CTAN is too old.

Licensing of this package is covered by LPPL.