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This file is public domain.
Originally written 1994, Vadim V. Zhytnikov.
This notice added by Clea F. Rees on 2008/11/18 following communication with Vadim V. Zhytnikov.

        TeX/LaTeX is the standard in typesetting research 
papers in physics. But many my colleges (and myself) were 
a little unhappy about the appearance of \cal letters 
(\mathcal in LaTeX 2e). The shape of these characters is 
very different from typefaces normally used in physical 
journals and books.

        With the appearance of Ralph Smith's rsfs fonts and
NFSS this problem can be easily resolved. Just put files
`OMSrsfs.fd' and `calrsfs.sty' in LaTeX 2e input directory.
The command


in the preamble of LaTeX file replaces all \mathcal
letters by nice letters of rsfs's font and you can enjoy
`standard' shape of Lagrangian ...

The METAFONT sources of rsfs fonts are available in CTAN
in  the directory /tex-archive/fonts/rsfs

Vadim V. Zhytnikov (