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The `caption' package bundle
Release 2016-05-22
Copyright (C) 1994-2016 Axel Sommerfeldt (

License: LPPL = LaTeX Project Public Licence
Maintenance Status: maintained (by Axel Sommerfeldt)

Home page:

If you need help for installation please visit:*

If you need help using these packages please visit:           (German)           (German)

If you think you may have found a bug in these packages,
or want to report a suggestion for improvement, please either visit
or send an e-mail to me


The `caption' package v3.3 offers customization of captions of floating
environments such `figure' and `table' and cooperates with the packages

  float, floatflt, fltpage, hyperref, hypcap, listings, longtable,
  picinpar, picins, rotating, sidecap, subfigure, supertabular,
  threeparttable, wrapfig, and xtab.

Furthermore the `floatrow', the `subcaption', and the `subfig' package
supports the `caption' package and uses its \captionsetup interface.

User Manual: caption-eng.pdf (English)
             caption-rus.pdf (Russian, outdated)
             caption-deu.pdf (German)


The `bicaption' package v1.1 is a tiny package supporting the typesetting
of bilingual captions.

User Manual: bicaption.pdf (English)


The `ltcaption' package v1.4 fixes caption problems with
other-than-center aligned longtables. (solving LaTeX PR `tools/3387')

A bonus feature is the addition of the environment longtable* which does
not increment the table counter.

This package will be loaded automatically by the `caption' package,
but can be used without the caption package, too.

User Manual: ltcaption.pdf (English)


The `subcaption' package v1.1 is a small package supporting typesetting
of sub-captions (by using the the sub-caption feature of the `caption'

User Manual: subcaption.pdf (English)


The `newfloat' package v1.1 offers the command \DeclareFloatingEnvironment
for defining new floating environments which behave like the existing
floating environments "figure" and "table".

User Manual: newfloat.pdf (English)

(The pictures cat.eps & elephant.eps were taken with permission from the
 LaTeX Companion examples.)