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The cool of the cool package stands for COntent Oriented LaTeX.  It is designed 
to give LaTeX the power to retain mathematical meaning of its expressions in
addition to the typsetting instructions.

One advantage of keeping mathematical meaning is that conversion of LaTeX
documents to other executable formats (such as Content MathML or Mathematica
code) is greatly simplified.

This package requires the following, non-standard LaTeX packages 
(all of which are available on

* coolstr
* coollist
* forloop


To install this package, run cool.ins through LaTeX.  This will generate 
a file called cool.sty.  Put this file somewhere where LaTeX will find 
it---for instance localtexmf/tex/latex/cool/  (note that you will need 
to create the folder cool).

If you are using MikTeX, you then need to refresh the file name database 
by using MikTeX Options


This pacakge is released under the Lesser GNU General Public License.  See for more details.


Any bugs may be reported to the author by sending an email to the address with
the first part being nsetzer, then an at sign, the next part is umd, and 
finally it ends in dot edu.