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LaTeX Package : datetime v2.59

Last Modified : 2013-09-10

Author        : Nicola Talbot

Files         : datetime.dtx   - documented source file
                datetime.ins   - installation script
		datetime.perl  - LaTeX2HTML style file
		dt-sampl.tex   - sample files
		dt-lang.tex    /

The package datetime.sty provides various different 
formats for \today, and provides commands for displaying 
the time.  

See the documentation for further details.

To extract the code do:

latex datetime.ins

This will create datetime.sty datetime-defaults.sty and lots of dt-*.def files, 
(NB it may take a while to extract if you have a slow computer!)  

Move the .sty and .def files to somewhere LaTeX will find it 
(e.g. texmf/tex/latex/datetime/) and remember to update the TeX 

Copy the datetime.perl file to somewhere where LaTeX2HTML will find it 
(e.g. latex2html/styles/).

To extract the documentation do:

latex datetime.dtx
makeindex -s -t datetime.glg -o datetime.gls datetime.glo
latex datetime.dtx
latex datetime.dtx

(If you want the documented source code, remove the command
\OnlyDescription from datetime.dtx before doing the above.)

Place the resulting file (datetime.dvi) into the documentation
directory (e.g. texmf/doc/latex/datetime/).

Read the file CHANGES for version changes.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.
See for
the details of that license.