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Das Puzzle Spiel is a LaTeX package (dps package) for creating a
puzzle, a message actually, and a series of questions and answers. The
document consumer matches the questions with the answers. With each
match, another letter appears in the puzzle. Upon completion of all
questions, the message hidden in the puzzle is revealed. The puzzle is
primarily designed for the screen, but you can optionally create the
game for paper.

Note: Package files are attached to the documentation file dpstheman.pdf.

The home page of this package is

The game uses some minor features new to the AeB (AcroTeX eDucation Bundle), 
so please download the lastest AeB and install. If you are unfamiliar with AeB, 
you better go to the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle home page and get the full download 
and documentation.

The latest AeB can be found at