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Package Ecclesiastic.sty version number 0.3 date 2015/08/20

by Claudio Beccari and Donald Goodman

This package extends the Latin typesetting of the babel option latin for texts that are 
mainly meant for the Roman Catholic clergy. Those texts are usually typeset with a certain 
French look, with spaces before certain punctuation marks, spaces inside the block enclosed by guillemots and allows the use of accents so as to help clergy in reading almost in the same way the Latin text irrespective of the rhythmic accent habits of their possibly different mother languages.

The file ecclesiastic.dtx is self extracting; by running it through pdflatex you get at the same time the ecclesiastic.sty file and the documentation ecclesiastic.pdf.

Move the three files in the TeX Directory Structure such as:

ecclesiastic.pdf to .../doc/latex/ecclesiastic/
ecclesiastic.dtx to .../source/latex/ecclesiastic/
ecclesiastic.sty to .../tex/latex/ecclesiastic/

Maintainer: Claudio Beccari: claudio dot beccari at gmail dot com