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Package  emarks   --   e-TeX named marks registers (FC)

emarks is a small package to make possible the use of named
marks registers with eTeX rather than numbered ones.

eTeX provides 32 768 marks registers making the use of them
far more comfortable than LaTeX tricks with
    \markright  \markboth \leftmark and \rightmark.

The package provides two commands for marking:

              \marksthe        and        \marksthecs

with star form to disable expansion.
New marks registers are dynamically allocated as needed.
The syntax clearly sticks to the \marks primitive.

And four commands to get the marks registers content:

         \thefirstmarks    \thebotmarks   \thetopmarks

   and:  \getthemarks

+ a facility to compare marks registers:    \ifmarksequal

emarks requires eTeX (the program ;-)) etex (the package)
                      and nothing else.

Copyright (C) 2011 by FC <florent.chervet @t>